Roehampton University’s First Festival of Computing 17th June 2016

I was honoured to be asked to give a talk at the first Festival of Computing at Roehampton University particularly when I discovered that over 200 people had submitted a potentional workshop/talk.

On the 17th June I arrived at Roehampton University’s Frobel College – an amazing building and beautiful grounds.

We were welcomed with tea, coffee and Danish pastries – always an added bonus in a morning. 

First speaker was Marilyn Holness OBE – Deputy Director of Education at Roehampton University with her enthuastic welcome to their first festival of computing. 

Followed by a Keynote speech from Henrike Lode CEO and co-founder of Copenhagan based games studio Lohika. @machineers – she gave an inspiring talk about games and code with some brilliant examples which I look forward to trailing in class. 

Miles Berry Principal Lecturer in Computing Education  at Roehampton University completed the keynote speeches where he talked about the importance of the computing curriculum. He included the need to link to other subjects and industry and demonstrated examples of where this could be used. 

He then invited us to attend workshops which he hoped would inspire us. 

I attended a great session on KS2 LEGO  with Neil Taylor – Lego Wedo 2.0

Easy to follow instructions, excellent supporting resources (videos, step by step instructions) and mini projects/tasks too.

We broke for lunch where I met an inspiring woman called Dr Sangeet Bhullar who is the founder of with a passion for digital literacy, digital citizenship and creativity.  She was impressed by our hard work engaging students with computing. 

Another great keynote speech from Dominic Traynor – ensuring lessons are created for your students – not trying to fit students into your lessons. 

Then a presentation from two ladies Dawn Akyurek (Headteacher) and Gemma Marsden (Art and Computing) who had flown in from Madrid to share their experiences of Girls in Computing. 

I was up next – I had a small group of professionals including Henrike Lode (keynote speaker which made me more nervous!) The session went well and delegates were interested in our journey and our work with industry. 

The final work was with James Franklin and his work on pair programming – some thought provoking ideas and things worth trying at school. 

So many more great workshops which I couldn’t attend – it was a fabulous Festival of Computing – well done Yasemin Allsop for arranging and allowing me to present.

It was a great opportunity and one I won’t forget. 


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