Diversity in Computing Education Conference 

On a train to Manchester Oxford Road at 7.24am on a Saturday in June – you would think I was a bit mental. Really needed a sleep in but knew that the conference would be worthwhile. I wasn’t wrong!! 

#include are a group of volunteers who have a passion for inclusive computing education who receive little to no funding. 

It’s about passion and wanting to open up CS opportunities to all. 

We heard a passionate speech from Katharine Childs about Autism, Girls and Coding – some eye opening facts and ways to look at autism and job opportunities.

A wonderful keynote speak from 11 year old Elise @girls2geeks –  marymagspiclub.wordpress.com 

A confident and articulate presentation which for some was eye opening. 

Her inspirations were Amy Mather (Digital Girl of the year 2013) and Carrie-Anne Philbin. 

So this brings me to role models, I have always said the way to get girls into computing is to show them the possible outcomes. What jobs could be available and to meet real life inspirational people to discuss their jobs. 

I attended a talk run by Emma Ashley Liles who is a software engineer. She has a great story and discusses how hard it was to be taken seriously. 

She highlighted some worryingly true statistics. It was also highlighted by group  discussion the lack of value placed on A Level Computing by Russell Group Universities and there are hopes that this will change.  

Emma highlighted the need for current female role models and gave some current examples which included:

So we are back to my original thoughts – girls need opportunity and inspiring – let’s give it a go! 
Thanks once again to Carrie-Anne Philbin, the #include team, the wonderful speakers and Manchester University .


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