Well its been a while since I blogged – but I’m back now!

This year has been a busy one and I have struggled to get time to blog – I do feel a bit like i’m just spinning plates!


In May/June 2013 I took 5 girls from my school to the USA to inspire them about their possible futures in Computer Science/ICT.

When we returned to the UK – the girls presented a series of presentations in assemblies to encourage other girls to join for the 2014 entry of the competition.

Since February we have been recruiting new teams with new ideas.

We have 3 teams who have some clear ideas of what they want to do. They have created apps, presentations of their ideas, written 100 word app descriptions and business plans.

The deadline for this years competition is 2nd May 2014 – so we are busy planning and recording pitch videos.

The girls have worked very independently and with mature attitudes to the work with 2 full days in school over the Easter holidays too.

The girls have met their main mentor Heidi Rhodes (from Cisco) via WebEx WebConferencing – which is always a great experience.

During their first session – it was very telling that they all said the main thing they wanted to gain from the group sessions was increased confidence – hopefully they have achieved this!

So with just a week to go – we will be working hard to get all the deliverables delivered – fingers crossed for this years entries.





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