Primary Teachers and the new Computer Science Curriculum

In September last year I saw an advert for CPD training for primary teachers and I thought – ‘I could deliver that to local primary schools!’ Over the last two years our school has built strong links with local primary schools.

When I had previously offered to deliver sessions with pupils either within their own school or on a visit to our school, they have always asked me to deliver the same things – control and sequencing. I used a mixture of Light-Bot, Bee Bots and Scratch to introduce pupils to concepts which would prepare them for our curriculum. The pupils always enjoyed the sessions and I decided to offer some of the same to staff with an Intro to Computing thrown in for good measure.

Staff have been encouraged to join CAS, download useful resources and collaborate on SoW. The sessions have been very successful and I have delivered sessions to staff from St Peters Primary, Heysham, Torrisholme Primary, Westgate Primary, West End Primary, Bowerham Community Primary Lancaster with further sessions arranged with St Luke’s and St Joseph’s Primary Schools in Lancaster.

Anthony Breeze and Tom Clark from Westgate Primary have volunteered to cascade the training at an Inspire Session with lots more primary teachers – which is great! I want to give thanks to Philip Bagge – who has a multitude of amazing resources including ‘Program your teacher to make a jam sandwich’ which is such a great idea!

These made the task so much easier. I have my final Bowerham Session on Monday and I tasked a year 11 boy to record some sound files for Henry VIII and his wives (to create a Scratch animation example) all I can say is Owen Lambert – you are a genius!


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