TechGirlsUK – Visit to Silicon Valley – Day 3 – Cisco HQ

Trip to Cisco HQ

8am – Met Heidi and Silvia at the hotel for the trip to Cisco HQ

photo 4

9am – Arrive at WebEx Towers

photo 4

View from WebEx Towers with TechGirlsUK with Ms Birkinshaw, Ms Russell, Silvia Spiva and Heidi Rhodes

9.30am Meeting with Murali Sitaram – The girls were lucky enough to have been allocated time with Murali Sitaram to discuss their journey so far and ‘ReGenZ’ their App idea. It was such a unique opportunity for the girls to talk about their journey, get some feedback on their idea and some advice for the future.

His advice: Stay fearless, stay adventurous, stay curious, have a healthy disrespect for the impossible and keep giving back.

Thank you so much for your time and advice Murali – it was very much appreciated. Thanks also to Heidi for arranging the session.


TechGirlsUK, Ms Russell, Heidi Rhodes in the reception of WebEx Towers

A quick detour before lunch to No 1 Infinite Loop – The Apple Store – to pick up some apple logo goodies!

Dione Apple Store

Elisabeth Apple Store

Aimee Apple Store

Infinite Loop

TechGirlsUK at the Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California

Lunch at Cisco – Always a Pleasure!

We made our way back to Cisco to have lunch – we were greeted by lots of enthusiastic people who were happy to speak to the girls about their experiences and journey to become part of the Cisco family.

photo 5

Rachel Hogue talks about her role in Social Media

photo 3

Jay Weisblatt talks to the girls about his role in Events Management and his previous job as a paramedic!

photo 2

Elisabeth gaining in confidence talking about her experience with Mariam Morshedi and other employees

photo 5

Tomorrow Really Does Start Here! TechGirlsUK, Rachel, Silvia, Ms Russell, Heidi, Jay and Mariam

The girls also spoke to Francisco Espana (Engineer) about his journey via Swansea University to San Jose and Alyssa Habing about her experience/journey from Environmental Engineering to Social Media at Cisco.

After lunch the girls’ experienced the Cisco Listening Centre hosted by Michael Hopps (Social Media Specialist) in the Executive Briefing Center.

photo 2

The system records/monitors social media chatter tracking keywords and tweets

photo 5

The system can by filtered by country – we even saw a tweet from Silvia appear on the screen before our eyes!


Then onto the ESR Self-Guided Tour with additional information from Heidi


TechGirlsUK are amazed by the Receptionist via TelePresence


TechGirlsUK and Heidi Rhodes


Heidi talks about her role at Cisco

We had a great day at Cisco HQ – but now time for some shopping!

We visited a designer shopping mall with the girls who went mad for Hollister/Abercrombie and Fitch discounts.

After all the shopping we visited the foot hall before setting off back to the hotel.

We said our goodbyes to Heidi and she was due to fly home the next morning. We had had such a great time – thanks Heidi!




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