Calling all educators – read the Lucy Bennett Diaries!

I have read alot of books in my lifetime.  I used to read all day and night.

As a child I would hide in a darkened room (to be left alone in peace) and read using a torch for hours. I remember reading classics such as The Demon Headmaster moving onto Shaun Hutson and Stephen King as an older teen.

I have read everything from Harry Potter to Sookie Stackhouse Volumes –  I just love to read a story.

I always wondered what authors were like and how they thought up their characters.

As a teacher,  you meet so many different characters –  students,  parents and even other teachers. I am sure they could be an inspiration to anybody.

I recently came across The Lucy Bennett Diaries written by a friend of mine, within the first few pages I was smitten.

Lucy’s character comes to life within the diaries –  I can imagine her quick wit and see her sat in my classroom.

I can see her expression and hear her distaste for the education system.

I can imagine these diaries of Lucy appearing in full technicolour on our tv very soon.

She is the work of pure genius – and at only 77p per volume – a bargain to boot!

Download on kindle via Amazon today! You won’t regret it.

Well done ‘Tom Riddleshaw’ – you did good!


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