Update so far …….

We are now all aware of how much I love Social Media and I have been madly tweeting to the Twitter world to get our message out there.

People have been great and have been donating, commenting and re-tweeting to get our message out there!

We have had over 3,669 views on our donations page, 40 followers,  379 direct views of our video via YouTube and lots of very kind donations.

My Twitter campaign had reached OCR and they have been generous to donate £250 to our cause – many thanks for your support.

@philbryantOCR has been tweeting about our project – thanks for all the positive media – it is very much appreciated  – copies to tweets to be added.

Thanks to Bob Harrison for passing on £100 from Toshiba – thanks for the support!

An amazing £250 from The Student Room ……. the generosity of companies and individuals is outstanding 🙂 Thanks for all the encouragement and support.



£1845 – amazing how much money we have be given!

£650 from Matt Farmer at Sei Mani – its all very exciting!

We should know if we have reached the final very soon ……. we will keep you updated!


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