The influence of a great teacher – Mr Scurrah

When I was at secondary school (I attended an all girls grammar school) I was encouraged to study subjects which were seen as ‘boy’s subjects’

I enjoyed and excelled in subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and CDT (Craft, Design and Technology)

When I came to select my GCSE options – I was encouraged by my physics teacher to take these subjects. I left school in 1992 after completing my GCSEs (at the end of year 11)

Some years later I trained as a teacher and I strive to encourage girls to be whatever they want to be.

The influence of my Physics teacher has never changed, I remember to this day – his belief that girls could do anything if they tried.

I saw Mr Scurrah yesterday in the town centre – although he is now in his 70’s – he is just the same, still as passionate about teaching as he ever was. He has a strong belief in the importance of work experience and students learning first aid skills. I passed on to him my email address – so we can keep in touch.

Who knows – we may even work together to get First Aid skills into my school.

I hope that in years to come that I will have encouraged girls into Computer Science or IT  or Engineering – or even just to try something away from the norm.

I hope one day – subjects wont be seen as boy or girl subjects and students will be free to study whatever they want to study – without prejudice.


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